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News and Local Notes and Volunteereing.

What are retired educators best known for?  Helping others make their lives better.  Here you will find leads to volunteering opportunities for our members.  Let us know of other such opportunities!

Here's a great opportunity to mentor at-risk elementary students.

Madalynn Aument Is ACRTA 2021 Scholarship Winner


The Ashland County Retired Teacher Scholarship Winner for 2021 is Madalynn Aumend, a senior at Crestview High School.  Madalynn is the daughter of Crestview teachers Doug and Michelle Aumend. She is a member of Student Council, president of the Crestview Chapter or the National Honor Society and a class officer.  Madalynn is a four-year participant in soccer, softball, drama club, choir, concert band and marching band as a majorette.  She will be attending Ashland University to major in Middle Grades Education and minor in Spanish and will be continuing her twirling journey as a twirler in the university band. 


Madalynn expressed thanks to everyone who is a part of the Ashland County Retired Teachers Scholarship Committee for choosing her as the recipient of this award and helping her to further her education.  She stated, " I am so grateful and honored!  I cannot wait to use this scholarship to continue my educational journey and become a teacher."

ACRTA Scholarships are made available through generous donations of our members. 

ACRTA Executive Board News

- Wow!  Eight (8) exciting news bits
about what’s been happening, upcoming events,
and how you can be a part and help out ACRTA.


Your ACRTA Executive Board has been meeting monthly online via Zoom video.  Recent meetings have been courtesy of ORTA’s Zoom services which provide unlimited time for discussions and unlimited numbers of attendees.   Thank you, ORTA!



2. The Board has spent much time listening and reading about the efforts ORTA is making toward a Forensic Audit of STRS.  Much concern has been shared with the STRS Board and state legislature in an effort to get retiree COLAs returned, along with returning other promised benefits.  The Board voted to contribute to the costs of the audit as well as made individual donations. (See Home Page articles.)  What happens eventually will significantly affect all STRS retirees for the rest of their lives.

3. While COVID-19 has put most of our 2020-21 year events on hold, next year looks much better for a return to normal, face-to-face events.  We have discussed at length how to get regular meetings with our members and to put together a new event calendar for 2021-22.  Chapter meetings for this spring will be held virtually – online through the ORTA Zoom connection - but starting next fall, we are planning to gather our membership for events.


4. For anyone new to Zoom meetings, a set of step-by-step instructions has been added to

5. Regarding COVID-19:  Assuming continued progress in overcoming the pandemic and greatly reduced incidents of infection, ACRTA will return to in-place meetings for the 2021-2022 academic/membership year.  All ACRTA meetings will be at Christ United Methodist Church at 1140 Claremont Ave. in Ashland at 11:30 and catered by Fergies on Main. 

6. Renew your memberships asap!  Review all the membership information and use the forms available on the Join ACRTA and ORTA page or just send your dues to Bernice Becker, ACRTA Treasurer.  Call her if you need to know what you owe.

7.  ACRTA Scholarship:  We need your contributions to our Scholarship Foundation.  If we are to continue awarding at least one $500 scholarship annually to a future educator, we must have significant additional support now.  Normally, we get your generous donations for the scholarship awards at our face-to-face luncheons and business meetings.  Most member contribute $20.00 or more. You can make your contributions with the membership dues you sent to Bernice.

8. Did you know, ORTA gets fantastic direct benefits from vendor partners like AMBA? Vendors like AMBA contribute significant marketing fees to ORTA and make huge recruiting efforts on our behalf as well as offer many helpful products to benefit our members.  AMBA has just introduced a new annuity for our ORTA seniors. You can link to AMBA here.

Stay well; stay safe.


Ashland County Retired Teachers Association is our county chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association.  ORTA is the voice of Ohio’s retired educators, advocating and promoting the improvement of pensions, benefits and services available to Ohio’s retired teachers.  The association represents and takes action in response to STRS of Ohio, the Ohio legislature and other agencies dealing with our retirement issues.  Our local chapter aims to inform members and be in alignment with ORTA’s mission, vision, guiding principles and activities.


Membership in the Ashland County Chapter is open to those who formerly taught in the Ashland County school systems and those who have retired from the teaching profession and are living in or near Ashland County. Local dues are $10.00 annually or $50.00 for a lifetime membership.  State membership is $30.00 annually or $500.00 for a lifetime membership.  Dues are currently payable by check and can be mailed to our treasurer, Bernice Becker, 1548 County Road 995, Ashland OH 44805. 

Membership forms can be downloaded from this website: Ashlandcountyrta.org.  Use the join ACRTA and ORTA tab to access membership forms.

Visit Ashlandcountyrta.org regularly to see what is happening with ACRTA, to maintain contact with your ACTA Executive Board, and to find links to ORTA and other websites.

We look forward to "seeing" our members on April 20 and May 18.  Any questions or concerns may be directed to Steve Willeke, President of Ashland County Retired Teachers Association at 419-651-9830.

1. The Board has also been keeping ACRTA active in other ways.  This past fall we provided a “Welcome” back” to active teachers and staff in every public school in Ashland County.  Hershey’s Kisses and other candies and warm wishes reminded educational staffs that they are truly appreciated.  (Card designed by Bea North.)


our website. It may look daunting, but it is really easy to set up  for Zoom and to participate in a Zoom session.  So many events  worldwide are taking place on-line (virtually), it’s important        that you become familiar with programs like Zoom.  Countless    Zoom users, as well as thousands of online resources, are            ready and willing to help you if needed.  (Zoom Help)